Julie Surian

Commercial Leasing Manager

As a Commercial Property Manager, Julie is a strong believer that the key to success in the property industry is to always have your clients’ needs as your number one priority.  Julie is dedicated to always delivering professional service and her aim is to build up quality relationships with all her landlords.  

With a wealth of knowledge achieved over 39 years in the industry and by selecting executive tenants, achieving the highest market rental and ensuring that your property is maintained to a high standard, you can rest assured that Julie looks after your valuable commercial property and investment, as if it was her own. 

The success Julie has achieved in the marketplace is a direct result of her determination to always secure the best result for her clients, as well as providing a professional service to all potential clients, regardless of the size or value of their property portfolio.

The work ethic Julie brings forth to commercial property management is second to none and a real testament to her character.